Through history, felines have played many roles. Challenged as hunters, loved as pets, or even revered for their supposed magical abilities, cats have been an integral part of human life for as long as they’ve existed. Black cats, specifically, have a long, rich historical relationship with spiritualism and the supernatural.Read More →

A question that torments those of us who have cats is whether it is necessary to cut their nails or not. It is clear that if the cat is going to go outside, we should not cut them under any circumstances. They will need strong and healthy to explore theRead More →

How to play with a cat is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have if you live with them, it is also very important and necessary, especially if you spend hours away from home. The kittens play with almost anything. You should only remove any possible danger, suchRead More →

After getting so many questions from my readers on various issues I decided to refer to a very important issue this time – how to handle the toilet issue of the cat. Many of my followers realize the importance of this but fail to teach the cat do the procedureRead More →

A big list of cat owners started to ask me so many questions regarding the correct weight of their beloved cat. Your guests want to feed the cat to show their love and you cannot stop them from doing this. What if the cat becomes overweight? We all know thatRead More →

Stray and feral cats are everywhere and there is a high risk that you can encounter them while you went out for a walk. Nobody understands these poor street cats. They are a lot at the rubbish place in the backyard or maybe at the office park. Feral cats areRead More →

If men grow a beard or keep a mustache to seem more stylish and extravagant, in case of cats’ hair on the face fashion is not important at all. In fact, this has nothing to do with fashion or looks. The cat’s whiskers are also called vibrissae and their roleRead More →