All about Cat Declawing

All about Cat Declawing

A question that torments those of us who have cats is whether it is necessary to cut their nails or not. It is clear that if the cat is going to go outside, we should not cut them under any circumstances. They will need strong and healthy to explore the environment, communicate with other congeners through the visual and olfactory marks left with scratches, and defend against predators and natural enemies (whether dogs, cats or humans).

And what about cats that do not go outside? Many consider it necessary to avoid being scratched when he plays or when he gets angry, but it is like pretending to file his fangs so that he does not hurt us when he bites us. These problems can be avoided by educating the animal since childhood.

Another reason is the protection of furniture and textiles in the house. This can also be solved by patiently educating our pussycat and providing enough abrasives to sharpen the nails and not have them too long.

We talk about educating, not fighting. Something that the owners of cats do not think is that they can escape, so it is not very favorable to annul their most primitive instincts. If the cat gets used to scratching its nails filing them to the right size, it will be prepared for the outside world and will do so instinctively in a trunk of a tree, for example. If we scold him every time he scratches the furniture instead of teaching him how to do it on the scraper, he will believe that scratching his nails is wrong, which is unacceptable behavior.

The scrapers

In addition, the scrapers are very necessary, as it is deduced from the words of the veterinarian Helen Tuzio, member of the American Association of Cat Veterinarians and co-author of the ‘Guide to the behavior of the cat’. “Scratching is an innate behavior in cats, scratching surfaces helps them to fix their frontal claws but also to communicate with other felines and even to stretch their muscles.

Therefore, having well-maintained nails is physically and mentally healthy both for cats that go outside and for those who are inside the house. If we put adequate scrapers, the cat will shave them, stretch the muscles and follow a ritual necessary for the development of their instincts.

Tips to cut your cat’s nails

If you still want to cut their nails, there are some tips that you should follow so that it is not traumatic:

  • Our cat has 18 fingers (five on the front legs and four on the hind legs) with corresponding nails, claws that are actually very developed extensions of the skin on the third phalanx of each finger. The declawing is an amputation that should be prohibited in all countries as it is strictly prohibited in many countries.
  • To cut each nail, you should press the pad very gently so that it comes out because it is probably hidden.
  • Be careful not to cut more than necessary, the cut should not affect the inner vein that runs through the inside of cat’s nails, pink in most cats and darker in blacks. If you cut the vein, it will cause hemorrhaging and unbearable pain.


How much? According to the veterinarians? Every two or three weeks, this will be enough to maintain their care and hygiene”.

Accuse him since he was a child with kind words like a child, caressing his pillows like a usual caress from time to time, not only when you’re going to cut his nails.

It’s easier if someone helps you holding the kitten, so it does not move; Of course, it must be someone he trusts because otherwise, he can panic. If there is no one he trusts, the best posture is caught as if he were a baby cradled in his arms.

Our nail clipper is used to cut our own because they are not as strong as those of cats or dogs (who would say it!). Anyway, there are specific accessories for cats, from modified scissors to guillotines; You should look for the one that is most comfortable for you, as this will make the cutting easier, faster and more efficient.

It should not take you more than ten minutes in total since the more time you spend, the more nervous the cat will get, and the more complicated the task will be.

If you see that the kitten is hysterical, leave it for another time if you keep trying, an accident may happen: scratch, bite, cut more or panic by spending a few terrible minutes. It will be an unnecessary bad drink for your cat: it is not worth it to suffer so much.

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