Are Fat Cats Healthy?

Are Fat Cats Healthy?

A big list of cat owners started to ask me so many questions regarding the correct weight of their beloved cat. Your guests want to feed the cat to show their love and you cannot stop them from doing this. What if the cat becomes overweight? We all know that obesity is unhealthy both for animals and people. How to know that it is high time for your cat to slim down a little? We encounter fat, bonny cats so frequently that we may even not realize whether or not our cat is fat. So we can say that in fact overweight cats nowadays outnumber the ones of a healthy weight. Vets are concerned with this issue nowadays and claim that cat owners take good care of their cats and feed them with a proper diet. Sure we all are kind pet owners and all of us at some point love spoiling our cats, and the cats eat everything you give them as they adore eating, especially yummy things. After this some cats will easily get overfed a little and this issue will become a trouble soon.

This issue needs to be paid attention to and discussed in details to avoid further complications and torturing the cat. This needs to be taken seriously. Some extra pounds even can make your cat get serious health issues like type 2 diabetes or arthritis which is worse. Keeping off extra weight will lead to a healthier, happier cat and cat owner as well.

So what is the ideal weight for a cat to have you might wonder. The ideal weight for a domestic cat to have is about 10 pounds, generally taken. Of course depends on the breed and frame, thus this differs slightly. For example, a Siamese cat’s weight is 5 pounds at the same time when a Maine Coon will weigh 25 pounds still being healthy. This is a peculiar feature for every breed of cat.

Taking the cat to a vet can help you know whether or not the cat is overweight, but, apart from this, there are special signs that will illustrate that the cat has inclination to obesity. When you look down at a cat they should not have a belly hanging around, instead of it they need to have clearly outlined ribs. This depends mainly on the lifestyle they lead and how much they eat, their food quality. You need to play with them from time to time to make them burn calories and workout. Eating and sleeping will make every cat a little fatter than usual. Entertain them actively and do not cause them stress as this will lead to eating. They will get bored and guess what? They will start eating again. Even if you keep their bowl empty will not help as they will come to you asking for more food and as you are kind-hearted you will not let her be hungry and will feed the cat again.

You still can prevent gaining weight by the following tricks that I actively apply to my cats;
I replace the dry food my cats eat with canned food, this way my cats eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Canned food is an amazing way to feed your cat by a fixed schedule, in routine. There are many cases when cats get fatter as the owners leave out their bowl of dry food to eat all day long, whenever they wish. The latter is wrong of course.

I cut down on treats my guests can give to my cats.
I do not give my cats food that easily. I do my best for them to work for the food they get as a reward. Vets claim that cats are healthier and more balanced when their owners torture them a little before feeding. They need to solve some food puzzles and as a result will get their reward. What do I do? I think of places where to hide the food anywhere like behind the wine boxes or, alternatively, I cut out small holes in a plastic bottle and place the food there. These puzzles make the cat slow down the eating process and implementing their natural instincts of hunting.


  1. Fat cats can be healthy !!! It all depends on what you feed them !

    1. Author

      You are right. Nutrition is very important for cats.

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