How to Help Feral Cats

How to Help Feral Cats

Stray and feral cats are everywhere and there is a high risk that you can encounter them while you went out for a walk. Nobody understands these poor street cats. They are a lot at the rubbish place in the backyard or maybe at the office park. Feral cats are basically born in the wild or outdoors and have very little to no human interaction at all. In case you try to get too close or try to pet feral cats, they will take your hand as a claw aiming to harm them so they will start to hiss or run away. Feral cats are generally born from other feral or stray cats. Let’s understand the difference between them? A stray cat used to be a pet cat once, it was either lost or abandoned. In the process of adaptation to this new street environment they struggle to survive and as a result they become fearful of people. However, most of them remember that people feed them and that is why they prefer to stay near homes, or other places where people can be seen.

We’ve all seen these kind of cats anywhere in our neighborhood. These are cats having large frightened eyes and these cats frequently move across our yards and parking lots.

Feral cats, on the contrary, never had any kind of contact with humans. Feral cats are poor as they have shorter lives ranging from 8 to 9 years unlike the domestic cats. These cats are kept indoors and they take a proper care of them. Feral cats do not have an easy life, on the contrary, their life is rather rough. In case they had a regular care, i.e they had a reliable shelter and a proper daily food, they would live over ten years. In case you wish to help these cats keep on thing in mind; do not grab them or make sudden movements towards it. As I said above, these cats are fearful of people and run away once strangers approach them. Let them come closer to you themselves. Another hint to you, squat or sit on the ground, the same level as the cat while feeding them. This way you show a feral cat that you are not threatening and the cat can feel relaxed in your company.

Create a shelter and a feeding station for the cat. If you decided to keep this pet at your own house keep it far away from your pets to be on the safe side because maybe this new cat had infection so you need to be careful not to spread. Once you know for hundred present that this new cat is totally healthy you can stop the isolation period and the new cat is no longer in a quarantine period.
Alternatively, you can call the local animal shelter agency if you need some further guidance over this issue. There is a special designated tool to help people find shelters and adoption groups in the district they live in. Just use search tool called Petfinder. Make sure you have a proper consultation with the specialists. Maybe you will be given a valuable advice on how to take care of very young kittens, for example. Many agencies like this have a special board where people post a flyer for in order to find the cat a home. They can connect you with other organizations that can help you in case needed. Maybe there are cheap spaying or neutering services available in case your cat needs it.

Also, make sure to register the cat in the list of found cats in the local shelter to exclude the fact that the cat you adopted may be one’s beloved cat who accidentally got lost or escaped. In this case the cat will be happier if he is returned back to his previous home.

In any case you have decided to do a good think to the poor stray, feral cats and it is highly praised activity that you will be rewarded for. Just go for it, do not hesitate, you will save at least one cat’s life and fate.

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