Toilet Training a Cat

Toilet Training a Cat

After getting so many questions from my readers on various issues I decided to refer to a very important issue this time – how to handle the toilet issue of the cat. Many of my followers realize the importance of this but fail to teach the cat do the procedure properly. After hard work they still cannot succeed in it, why? Because they are not aware of the techniques and details on how to do it.

If you succeed in teaching your cat to a toilet you will get rid of unpleasant smell at home and creates less work for you, I am not yet talking about the stress you can get on a daily basis. Simply handle problems and enjoy the presence of your cute cat. Be patient enough to teach your cat to this and later you will enjoy the result of your persistence and hard work. The cat’s toilet can be places just next to yours in the washroom. Create a designated bathroom for the cat so the she recognizes her toilet. There is a special cat training seat that is used to train the cat. It is filled with flushable litter. While the training process goes on you gradually make the hole bigger and bigger.

There is a special tray where the litter is accumulated, which you later throw away into the toilet. Making a training tray is very simple and actually you can do it yourself if you do not get lazy. This way you step by step teach your cat to eliminate straight into the toilet and soon the cat will forget about the litter box and start using toilet instead. You should keep in mind one thing only, that toilet training requires time, dedication and patience, as older cats already used to their litter boxes will hardly learn to use a toilet. Some cats will still use their habit of ruining on the corner of the room covering their faces. Thanks god on the corners at least and not everywhere at sight as dogs do.

Many critics do not approve of this activity though bringing forward the argument that this is against their natural instinct and this way you kill it. However, you need to decide for yourself whether or not you want to do it. Cats as any other animals have the instinct of digging and hiding away their elimination. And if your cat is trained to toileting later you need to careful to leave the toilet lid open all the time or else the cat will eliminate anywhere.

Give a kind warning to your guests as well not to close the lid accidentally. Cats having a joint problem will find this activity harder. This happens more with elder cats who can get an injury while getting there on the top. It is not an easy task to hop high up there. But you will get rid of the unpleasant and unhygienic activity of cleansing the litter box. It is both expensive and time consuming at the same time. You will have no more germ spreading or cleaning the litter box. Highly recommended timeline for cleaning a litter box is twice a week. So imagine how much time and effort you will save up.


  1. Training a cat is never easy, but we have to do it…

  2. There are some useful training cat videos on Youtube

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